Welcome to Rufina Tropicals LLC - the CNMI's 1st Agri-Tourism & Tropical Plants Export Company. Rufina Tropicals LLC is not just a unique and a pioneer company; it also sells retail Tropical Plants & supplies, Services in; Landscaping, Special Projects & Design Landscaping, Grounds Maintenance & Plants Rental / Staging.

Rufina Tropicals LLC, formerly a dba to Rufina LLC is operated and managed by the same Owner, Rowina Taimanao Ogo along with her NEW partner, Louvinia Ilisari Lucas.

Rowina built Rufina Tropicals as her playground in paradise and naming it after her mother, Rufina who loved flowers. Unfortunately, she has passed on. Rowina didn't plan nor expected to have a partner in the future, but further on we will share the history of this beautiful and amazing company.

In 2015, Rowina started Rufina Tropicals with shipping fresh cut flowers; red gingers and heliconia. Growing the export into specializing in Sansevieria Plants. The Sansevieria species of plants grew just as fast in export that she ran out of space and inventory each time. With that, Rowina expanded and opened a facility on a 5 acre property. Exporting mainly Sansevieria Plants, offering 20 varieties. 

As the business grew, it hit many road bumps along the way; Media scrutiny, Super Typhoons, Burglaries, Tropical Storms and then Covid-19 arrived without warning and Rowina had no choice. She temporarily closed her doors and shut down operations until she could figure out the options she had with the pandemic. Rowina knew she was going to reopen, she just didn't know when or how she was going to do it. She realized through all that hardship that having a plant business on a tropical island came with lots of hardwork and patience.
Through all the storms in business, she fought and still came out strong. Yet, there was that one employee that started as a part-time Bartender in the lounge, then into the Export Production area, then into the Admin section of the company and lastly being the Personal Assistant of Rowina. This employee was Louvinia Ilisari Lucas. Louvinia was introduced to the company by her 2 children that were employed by the company, a widow and a mother to 9 beautiful children. All her children from the youngest to the eldest came around and shared their efforts in making sure Boss Rowina didn't fail during challenging times.

Though many changes, unexpected events in the business, Louvinia remained right by Rowina's side. As a gift at the end of the year 2020, Rowina renewed the company under it's own and presented Louvinia a gift of 50% Ownership of Rufina Tropicals, now an LLC with equal Ownership between Rowina and Louvinia. Renewed and ready as Partners to open its' doors for business, ready to extend their business to all residents of the CNMI and the world. Covid-19 still lingers, but with all they have fought in life and in business, Rowina and Louvinia are ready to operate in all conditions. 

Rowina worked too hard to come this far with Rufina Tropicals and with Louvinia by her side, anything is possible. While many things have changed over the course of the company's start up, some things remain the same. The gratitude, strength and faith of Rowina. 
Success is not final;
Failure is not fatal:
It is the courage to continue that counts.
Winston S. Churchill